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Beni Suef Ride Review!!!! TERRIFIC‏

Today the 6 pack of Sherif, Sherif, Hisham, Yasser, David and I ventured off into unknown territory on the toll road to Beni Suef!

Ala-tool to Beni Seuf

Ala-tool to Beni Seuf

Well it turned out to be a fantastic 100+km ride through the desert beginning at the toll road entrance in Helwan. We had a wide open road with smooth surface and little to no traffic. our ride was hindered slightly with two quick flats by Yasser then one by Sherif (not the same Sherif as last week). Other than that it was smooth sailing through the desert sand dunes with nothing for miles around. It was beautiful and you wanted to just keep going with long flats, rolling hills, and long gradual descents, this ride had everything you want in a ride.

We discovered a gas station carrying great canned coffee drinks which we stocked up on and are trying to find someone to carry here in Maadi.
Sherif and Sherif were flying away from the pack and we decided to work as a team and incorporate some technical riding with rotational streamlining to try and catch up to them. Well i guess we got too technical and that is when we had our HICK-UP, at around 75km Hisham and Yasser touched wheels and Hisham got the bad end of that deal and went down quite hard at high speed. Thankfully he slid well and survived with a bad left hip contusion, severe road burn on his left elbow and a deep gash on his right hand. We tended to him quite rapidly with Sherif (Maadi) taking the reins with his recent first aid training. Hisham unfortunately had to get back in the car and head home following this and went right to the hospital for some x-rays and bandaging. thankfully he had no fractures and will recover fully and quickly and be back on his bike this coming weekend! what a trooper!

We continued on our ride to the end, but on the way found a side road at around 75km that headed east through the mountains and ended up in Zafarana (Red Sea south of Ein Sukhna)! it was an extra 165km to do so. are you reading my mind……..(TWO DAY CAMP OUT RIDE HEADED RIGHT FOR THE BEACH!!!!!!!!!) any takers?????

Another wonderful ride completed with great friends and some action and drama to boot.  Looking forward to riding with all of you this coming Friday the 23rd for our inaugural CCC1, CCC2, and CCC3 group classification rides. Please invite anyone you know to come and join our group and get a feel for cycling with us!!



New Ride (we’ll call it Korymat Road)


just chilling

Today Sherif, Sherif, Yasser and I completed a new 100km ride from Maadi to Helwan along the Autostrad then from there we took the Beni Suef toll road to god knows where. Could have been cut down to an 80km for anyone in a rush to get back. The first part of the ride on the Autostrad was decent with decent roads and moderate traffic which is even lighter on a Friday. there was nice climb once you pass Helwan. from there we headed to the toll road which was great, clean, smooth roads and little to no traffic. Good rest stop for water and snacks at the 38km mark. The road takes you really out into the middle of the desert with nothing around. You wanted to just keep riding and riding, but realize you must get back somehow. The way back was nice as well with a moderate headwind but definitely workable. Cverall a good option for an alternative Friday ride. Fantastic descent back into Helwan with a view of Sakara, Dashur and Bent pyramids.

Reminder: this Friday we will be doing the Fayoum ride for anyone interested, we have 6 riders so far and two cars. We will meet at 6:15 and leave at 6:30 at CAC. Let us know if you will be joining us.