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Way to Sakkara

Ride Pyramids June 19 09 070

Fooling around with the boat

Last Wednesday I finished my last exam at University, Roberto called me to arrange for Delta ride Friday 26th and he also suggested going to sakkara this Friday instead of just doing the regular Friday ride. Sounds like a great idea after sleeping most of Wednesday and all Thursday. He called Sherif Greco and I called Sherif Yehia of Helwan, and on the day of the ride we met with the rest of the group “same old” 07:00am in front of CAC. We suggested they come along with us but only Jose and Erika where up for Sakkara. So the six of us took off and headed west across the great Nile, then south all the way to Sakkara. It was amazing, check out the photos by Jose’s camera, they are worth thousands of words.

Yasser Maslout