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Qatar Chain Reaction and my first Road Race

I’m here in Doha, Qatar for a 3-week trip. The weather is great at this time of the year and I like it here so far; a lot of activities and events going on. So I’ve done some research and discovered this group of avid cyclists who actually have some fantastic roads to go cycling in.

Qatar Chain Reaction is a multinational group of avid cyclists living in Qatar. Apart from their weekly rides, they also organize: Time Trials, Century Rides, Off Road (Mountain Bike) Races, Special Seasonal Rides, Biathlons (Bike and Run) and Group Socials.

Line up for the start of the Race

So on Saturday 20th of March, at around 3:30pm the planned “Qatar Cycling Federation 50Km Road Race” kicked off. The weather is great this time of the year and today it is fairly windy, with wind blowing from north. The race started very tough (it was actually a 66km race not 50) it consisted of 6 laps 11km each. As we started, everybody seemed to know what they’re doing except for me. They attacked and the peloton was formed so quickly, I seemed to have missed it but for the first lap I managed to stick with a group of a tri-athlete, two other guys and me, then I managed to break away with my tri-athlete friend for two laps before he slowly attacks and leave me face the wind on my own with no aero-bars for the rest of the race.

Race Course

That was my first race and I am very happy to have finished it. I’ve done much longer distances before but those 66km were really intense.

Good day everyone and I hope things are going great back in Cairo,