Helwan counter-clockwise, Rick and Geoff’s Farewell

Ridden June 2, 2017

I don’t know who suggested Helwan anticlockwise for my farewell ride. Maybe it was Geoff who was also being farewelled.  I wasn’t opposed to it. After all every Cairo ride has its unique mixture of pleasure and pain. My memories of previous Helwan anticlock rides are dominated by headwinds and false flats followed by frantic paceline activity on the way back through the toll booth to Maadi. Today would echo this and memory.

It was a nice sized group that hit the Autostraad and we made the most of the cooler weather, making pretty quick time through Helwan to the junction with the regional ring road. Nothing out of the ordinary here: just the usual array of locals shouting, donkey carts, pot holes, diesel fumes and spectacular countryside. I’m always fascinated by the sight of the forest of chimneys spouting black smoke in the middle distance. The pace was very solid and I wondered why people were in such a hurry. You never know what obscure segment the secret Strava Hunters might be targeting these days.

from left: Euan, Fritz, JP, Rick, Marcel, Geoff, Luis & Khadiga

this time with Joe leading the white jersey classification


After a short regroup and rest we faced we brace yourselves and faced the horror we all knew was awaiting us. The wind was in front, a little bit of left shoulder, but strong enough that more than a minute on the front was distinctly suboptimal. Fortunately I made it into a group of six who cooperated very politely for the bulk of the effort. Luis, Fritz, Ewan, Marcel, Geoff and I took turns in the wind and attempted to recover in the slipstream. I won’t name the Scoundrels who insisted on riding on the white line condemning the rest of us two either abandon the offset or ride in the gravel, but their tactics would have pleased the Belgians.

I was very wary of Geoff who was positioned immediately after me in the rotation and seemed the most likely to attack. And attack he did. When we got him back I called him a bastard and he pretended not to know that he was causing problems. I was behind Luis when he let a gap open up but he somehow managed to follow my wheel when I closed it – his signature move. I employed Bernard Hinault’s favourite tactic of counter-attacking immediately which wasn’t the smartest move but caused a little scramble and made me feel a little Pro. We were close to the AS Road now so It seemed fair to burn a few matches. The sprint to the middle of the bridge was a complete debacle. Everyone went too early, a petrol tanker did a u-turn in the middle of oncoming traffic, we called it off, then we called the back on and then Marcel gifted it to me. What a mess!


on the Regional Ring Road Bridge after the “mess”


Turning onto the AS road was a giant relief but still didn’t end the hostilities. Geoff and Marcel showed their good form with some spectacular work on the front. The landmarks went by in a blur I don’t even remember seeing the Cement Factory or the Heineken sign or the Jiffy lube. Oh that’s right I’ve never seen the Heineken sign or anything that resembles a Jiffy lube. But that’s what you get when you live in a country where the squares are round and the ring road is more like a horseshoe. At the final sprint it came down to Geoff and I and he was clearly the stronger man. Chapeau!

It was a tough ride. I knew that my promises to be useful in the afternoon would be broken. A mineral farewell ride for me as all the Essential elements came together – hard riding and a healthy mixture of teamwork and competition. Thanks to all involved I will miss it here for some strange reason. Special appreciation to our Capitan, Luis for his consistent, committed efforts to keeping the Cairo Cyclists healthy.

Rick, 08.06.2017

here the Orange team from the final breakaway, plus Pascal who joined at Jiffy


1 Response to “Helwan counter-clockwise, Rick and Geoff’s Farewell”

  1. 1 Ezra September 16, 2017 at 11:13 pm

    I’m planning on cycling down from Dorset, England to niarobi. I’m on route currently approaching the Alps. I’m hoping to land in Cairo early October. I’m keen for some local knowledge and maybe even meet up for a cycle. Drop me an email if you think you can help!!


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