Observatory Ride Spring 2017: Pat’s Farewell

Ridden April 7, 2017

We assembled at CAC with Observatory novices in our midst. Joined by two CCC pillars, Pat and JP, we paused for the ubiquitous ‘Classic Ride’ photo – flexing quads and sucking in bellies.


At once the Maadi riders rolled out to tackle the dogs on the industrial road before climbing the stairway to Horus, picking up Fritz on the Soukhna Road. The pace was good and we were rewarded by the comedy stylings of Pascal’s driver at the toll booth who managed to discourage some soldiers from shooting a short Scottish rider who had jumped on the back wheel of a truck in order to bypass the fence en route to the ‘café’.

Whilst we refueled we were joined by our Egyptian friends led by old favourite David Gamal. The peloton had bulged to 11 or so by the time we left the Toll Booth. For the first couple of Ks, and before our first flat, Pat sashayed through the group exchanging memories and farewells – we are all honored to have ridden with the Gentle Giant of Cairo cycling and to share this ride with him. Not far from our thoughts were absent friends, in particular our Presidente: Viva Vergara.

CCC Legend Pat Brennan leading the new generation for the last time

After the pleasantries, the pace took a firm turn up a notch as between the toll booth and the beginning of the climb the average did not dip below 30km/h. Everyone took their turn, nose to the wind, as the group was reduced to 9 riders in pursuit of the mythical observatory climb. As we left the Soukhna Road, veteran of the Observatory ride Pascal took charge leading the rookies on a winding road into the valley beyond the traces of civilization behind. We all stuck closely together under instruction to look out for the black at which point we ducked right and the KOM race was on. David set the early pace with an immediate attack and his silhouette would be a familiar sight for the remainder of the climb. Fritz did his best to put pressure on David and Marcel on Fritz in turn. However, that’s how the KOM podium finished: David, Fritz, Marcel followed by the rest of us. David gave a good go but Nick Cameron rests easy atop of the leaderboard – at time of going to press.


After taking in some excellent views and the glorious decent, it was time to pull back to the Soukhna road where we were met by the broom vehicle and more jokes from Pascal’s driver – at this point there was no sign of an argument between him and Le Mecanicien. At this point, the Aussie legs were strong and the Scottish legs gone so it was a long hard struggle back to Cairo. Fritz, Rick, David et al raced into the distance as Chris generously dropped back to drag the Scotsman’s bonking backside back to familiar surroundings. We ‘soon’ picked up Rick who was halted by the second flat of the day and made our way steadily back to the total for chipsy and pop.



It was then we felt the depth of Pascal’s generosity as he drove his broom wagon back up the Soukhna Road in search of the Lanterne Rouge. Although we were too proud to accept the offer we were all inspired by the gesture to finish the ride on the bike. We even managed to regroup with Fritz beyond the toll booth after he had stopped for what must’ve been a mammoth break, one he really didn’t need as his legs were too strong on this day.

As we rolled beyond Horus we could reflect on a great ride perfectly planned by Pascal even though we were all too traumatized for coffee at Greco. We could also look back at the great sense of comradery and achievement as well as great rides with Pat who will be missed. Thanks for miles and memories as many have extolled the virtue of sitting on your back wheel.

Euan Macaulay, 04/30/17


2 Responses to “Observatory Ride Spring 2017: Pat’s Farewell”

  1. 1 Luis May 6, 2017 at 2:55 pm

    We have in Euan a new outstanding reporter, well done my friend !

    Pat: thank you for elevating the CCC to what it means to us, riding and leading for so many years. We will miss you a lot !

  2. 2 J.P. May 6, 2017 at 8:14 pm

    Great report!

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