Observatory Ride Spring 2015

March 20th, 2015

It has been a year since we last did the Observatory ride, and they are always special. Today there was a solar eclipse and Egypt was shortly on the penumbra while we were riding back. However, we did not abort the ride this time due to natural phenomena, as it was the case 2 years ago during a khamseen. For the first time we saw tourists at the Observatory, evidently hoping to see the eclipse in a telescope. Neither them nor us were granted access, though.

Attendance was great with a tally of 12. The weather was of a lovely Egyptian Spring (15°C) and the wind was moderate (~4 kmh NE).  The mood was superb, and this time nobody lost it when it came to climbing. The round trip from Maadi was of 147 km. Level of difficulty was high as always, especially the brutal pace of the 34 km leg from the Observatory exit to the toll booth took a toll on many.


from left: Luis, David, Omar I, Mohamed, Pascal, Tarek, Ashraf, Joe, Omar II, Nick, Rick and Geoff.

from left: Luis, David, Omar I, Mohamed, Pascal, Tarek, Ashraf, Joe, Omar II, Nick, Rick and Geoff.




There are some awards to confer for today’s performances:

Highest award for vehicle support, fluids and Good Samaritan of the ride goes to Pascal

KOM at Observatory: Photo-finish between Omar Khairy and Nick, closely followed by Omar Adel

Heineken Sprint: Photo-finish between Omar I and Omar II (pick any of them, both are great guys)

Short cut of the day: Tarek, on the descent of the Observatory

Freshmen to this ride: David G., Rick, Geoff, Tarek and Ashraf

KOP (King of Punctures): Omar Khairy with 4

Longest distance: Omar Khairy, 171 km

Never surrender award (aka Lanterne Rouge): Geoff

Well done everybody!


PD if you want to add info you can leave a comment here


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