Dashour Loop Maiden Ride

Ridden March 7, 2014

Exactly a month after the successful  Helwan ride, we explored yesterday an extended variety, that goes further west over the Nile and then northwards on the Dashour-Saqqara road, ending in the pier in front of Maadi where we took the ferry boat back to town, for a total distance of 144 km. We were 10 riders, 8 of which came back to Maadi and only 2 gathered in the Greco in the early afternoon.

It was another amazing ride, and pretty adventurous too. Zero punctures despite the dirt roads, ideal weather (19° C), and plenty of picturesque scenes in the Nile valley, where many spectators were stunned to see cyclists on their streets. People calling “welcome to Egypt” from their balconies as the peloton soared by at 10 km/h. The ferry crossing was fun, and brought us in contact with the locals as well.

above from left: Omar I, Chris, Erhard, Joe & Nick; below: Luis, David, Mohamed, Thomas & Dan.

above from left: Omar I, Chris, Erhard, Joe & Nick; below: Luis, David, Mohamed, Thomas & Dan. Regional Ring Road bridge over the Nile River.

Mohamed Nour posted in icloud 90 pictures (https://www.icloud.com/photostream/#A35aDWbrKwm9n) and videos that nicely complement the documentation of the ride. Cool thing, and many thanks for this new initiative.

From the sports side the 36 km long Soukhna Bridge to Helwan crossing was again the highlight, a dream leg for every cyclist. The one and only previously existing best time was broken by Nick, Thomas, Chris and Dan, with 43’:15” and 50.1 km/h average. The addition of Chris as additional time-trialist in this bunch helped for this, whereas the NE tail wind was comparable to last time. Kudos to the athletes.

Nick takes a big compliment for being the father of this ride and for not having lost any of his team members in numerous corners of the tortuous delta routes. Thanks to all the participants for the cheerful atmosphere, as captured in Mohamed’s pictures.

We will keep this ride in our minds for a long time, no doubt.



1 Response to “Dashour Loop Maiden Ride”

  1. 1 rayrick March 8, 2014 at 8:53 pm

    Thanks for the write-up Luis. I have to confess I showed up at 6.30 at CAC all ready to go. Half an hour late. I though briefly about trying to chase you down. Then considered a taxi. Then I went home and jumped on the MTB.
    Damn. Looks like a great day. Will have to learn how to tell the time.

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