Porto Soukhna Ride 2013 Second Chapter

Nov. 15, 2013

This was the second leg of the same ride done on May 10 this year. This time we had 8 finishers at the summit of the Sky Mall climb, pictured in the photo from left: Pascal, Moustafa, Samy, Jun, Nick, Omar II, Thomas and Luis. There were 2 additional riders, Ibrahim and Ahmed S., who had numerous punctures and completed the ride hours later, as we were told.

Porto Soukhna Ride 2013 official photo comp

We were lucky with the weather conditions: cross and some tail wind of 3-5 km/h and temperature around 26° C at noon, ideal for beating records. The leg from Cairo Toll Booth to the former Heineken sign was paced by Thomas riding up front in Tunnel vision, a bunch of 6 a bit behind but keeping him on sight, and an intermediate sprint taken by Samy. At the traditional Restaurant stop of km 74 Pascal joined the ride as usual, something against all rules, but as long as he makes good jokes and fixes our bikes…

We reached the Ain Soukhna toll booth at 10:25 with Nick and Jun doing the intermediate sprint. There were 2 punctures on the way there, but both happened to hit Thomas, the time-trialist with complete aerodynamic equipment, and a second bike in his car, so no worries.

The pace on the Corniche road along the coast became more moderate with Pascal doing his part and the rest thinking on the climb ahead. When we reached the bottom of the slope, the gate to the Sky Mall was being closed from left to right when 4 of us managed to sneak through, but 3 others were cut, and they had to talk the security man into letting them pass for a race taking place.

The duel at the front between Nick and Thomas was won this time by Nick, who took revenge of last time, becoming the new King of the Mountain with a record time of 10:26” for the 2.85 km climb of 6.8% average grade. Jun, Omar II and Luis also significantly improved their best personal times up there, and obviously the newcomers to the ride. We got there by noon, the earliest ever. The highest average speed was put by Thomas at 34.9 km/h. Hats off, however still far from the 42-46 km/h Pascal predicted to scare people off in advance.

Thanks to all for the good spirits and great team work, and logistics resulting in a car for nearly every other rider. Cold beverages at the finish and an excess of bananas (a couple of them graciously returned by one of us at the finish line) courtesy of the new K.O.M.



2 Responses to “Porto Soukhna Ride 2013 Second Chapter”

  1. 1 Sami's Biggest Fan ;) January 20, 2014 at 4:25 pm

    nice work boys, special shout out to Sami from Toronto Canada

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