FANTASTIC Ein Sukhna Ride!

I just have one word to describe the Ein Sukhna ride this past Friday and that is FANTASTIC!
Friday, April 30th at 7am DST (thanks to our indecisive Egyptian government) there seemed to be a good energy in the air as a large group of us cyclists gathered in front of CAC in preparation for our 125km ride to Ein Sukhna.
Everyone was in good spirits and genuinely excited to begin. There was talk of whether we would have a unfavorable head wind or if it would get too hot during the ride. Well, EL HUM DEL ALLAH everything turned out in our favor with a wonderful canopy of cloud keeping the Egyptian sun off our backs and even a few sprinkles of rain to cool us off a little along the way. The wind seemed to be working with us most of the day making for absolutely perfect riding conditions.
The splitting of the group into CCC1 and CCC2 worked out very well allowing the work horses of CCC1 to take off and enjoy their day with the CCC2 group including Roberto, Pascal, Daniel W, Damian, David and Michael working together and stopping frequently to regroup to fully enjoy the ride. I heard that CCC1 had a little sub division develop with Sherif(Helwan), Yasser, Luis and Bert slightly falling off the back and forming CCC1.5 and the rest of the group Seth, Tai, Sherif(Maadi), Marcel and Dan L sprinting most of the distance to the beach, you guys are ANIMALS. We will have to wait for Pascal to post the updated sprint classifications.
Along the way we also passed a large group of cyclists from the Egyptian cycling club who were also riding to the beach from Maadi. There were probably a good 25 of them riding mountain bikes mostly, some wearing headphones and others without helmets. I heard they were training for a ride from Prague to Dusseldorf this summer. Our passing was mostly friendly and uneventful except for one of our own, Luis. Luis had unfortunately come across two of the cyclists stopped in the middle of the lane chatting when he unfortunately collided with them and went down hard. He had a few scrapes and bruises but cracked his helmet in the process. He got up and continued to complete the entire ride, so well done Luis.
Upon arrival the clouds parted, the sun came out and the sea welcomed us in for a cooling dip, followed by a nap on the sand and a relaxing day at the beach! All in all one of the best one day getaways from Cairo!
I would like to thank everyone for participating and making it another great day on the bikes which I am sure we will all remember. See you all on the road and we will definitely do this again with some alternative rides to come as well.

3 Responses to “FANTASTIC Ein Sukhna Ride!”

  1. 1 David Fayram May 3, 2010 at 6:08 pm

    I second Roberto’s report … fabulous ride. The weather was nearly perfect, including the brief sprinkling at the first Toll Booth. Excellent write-up, Rob, and thank you for organizing!

    Any chance of doing a ride to Alex anytime soon? How far is that, anyway?

  2. 2 Luis May 5, 2010 at 10:43 pm

    Yet another very interesting report from Rob. Thanks a lot to him for organizing the ride, it was a big success. There have been also numerous notes acknowledging the organization, sent per email, that will not remain in the record of the website. Obviously the most grateful of them coincidentially come from members of the CCC1 group of favorites who scored several points for the green jersey this day. But not only from them.
    New ride, new luck…

  3. 3 May 14, 2012 at 10:28 am

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