CCC is inviting YOU to join us on Friday 23rd October 7:00am in front of CAC

New: we have a group for beginners, amateurs and riders who just want to enjoy a slow ride on a Friday morning

Check out our regular rides page

Organized Road rides occur every Friday morning at 7:00 AM leaving from the front gate of CAC. A typical road ride will consist of 5 to 15 riders and cover distances of 40 to 100 km. Skill level is divided to three groups CCC1 CCC2 and CCC3.

CCC1 (race group) ride would be the full length long ride at heart busting pace.  there will be designated stop points for regrouping that everyone will be made aware of and you will make sure everyone has made it.  you may decide as a group on the day of what route you will take or may post an idea ahead of time for a route. race your asses off, you deserve it!! EGO’s, in full effect and recommended. (30-45 km/hr average)

CCC2 (tour group) ride would consist of the long or medium length ride done at a more leisurely pace with no drops and a sweeper to keep the group together and help out lagging riders. also having designated stop points which everyone will be aware of.  group leader will decide the route taken. EGO’s, allowed but kept in check (20-30 km/hr average)

CCC3 (casual group) ride would be the shorter beginner ride with no drops and the group remains together for the entire ride.  this group will encourage new riders to join and know they will have support and guidance as they build up their abilities to progress to the next group.  we will have a policy that if even one new rider shows up then the leader will be responsible for riding with that person at whatever ability level they may be at. this is the only way to grow the group and get the word of mouth out that we are inclusive of anyone wanting to take up cycling.  EGO’s, left at the front gate of CAC and can be reclaimed post ride!


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