Fayoum Ride

The Fayoum ride is a 100 km ride that leaves from the front gate of CAC at 6:30 or 7:00 AM, depending upon circumstances. From CAC the route crosses the Nile using the Moneb Bridge, then goes by the base of the pyramids at Giza. The traffic during this part of the ride can be hectic, so caution is advised. After passing Giza, the route turns left onto the Fayoum Desert Road and heads south out of Cairo toward the agricultural area of Fayoum and Lake Qarun. There is a gentle climb leaving Cairo and the Nile Valley, but after that it is either down hill or flat for the remainder of the ride. Prevailing winds blow are north to south, so there is usually a tail wind for this segment of the ride. After descending into the Fayoum area, the route takes a right turn and follows the south side of Lake Qarun to the end of the ride at the Auberge where the group enjoys a late breakfast. Transportation back to Maadi is provided by chartered bus or private vehicles. This is a good place for spouses, friends and families to join the group for breakfast and some local color.

Fayoum ride finish

Fayoum ride finish


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