Moon Beach MTB

What a great ride! The pictures are from the ride Friday morning. We had seven from CCC and one first-time rider (Sam the dentist) who rode the first part of the wadi and then wisely turned back. Credit goes to Sam for learning how to ride on the fly and never once complaining. The ride through the wadi was beautiful. The weather cooperated by providing moderate temperatures and a breeze most of the time. The climb was everything one expects from a 500 m climb with grades exceeding 20%. All seven made it to the summit to enjoy the breath-taking view. Pat gets the award for most flats with 3 on the ascent. This it truly a wonderful trip, and so close to Cairo. It can be done as an overnight trip as Pat and I did, or at a more leisurely pace by staying Friday night to enjoy the activities at Moon Beach.

group valley

group valley

Life is good! On the heels of the 6th October holiday we have another excursion to look forward to…Moon Beach Mountain Bike Weekend is coming up!  Our resident windsurfing guru, Gene Lin has reserved 10 rooms at Moon Beach for Oct. 14 and 15.  For those of you unexposed to the wonders of mountain biking at Moon Beach, there is a major league climb followed by a spin down a lovely canyon area.  The afternoon is available for world-class wind surfing, kite surfing or just plain relaxing.  For runners, there are  some excellent “adventure runs” in the hills and wadis just east of the hotel. There is also an opportunity to drive to St. Katherine’s Monastery/Mt. Sinai on Saturday morning for a ride of biblical proportions.

The cost per night but it is quite reasonable. For a single 150 LE, double 220 LE and suite 270 LE. (All half board). These are approximate, don’t hold me to these but the bottom line…you can hardly stay home for the same costs!  They do fill up so we need to have commitments as soon as possible. If you plan to go contact either Dave or me with the number of rooms you need.Moon Beach is about a 2 1/2 to 3 hour drive from Maadi. As you probably know, driving in the Sinai after dark can be extremely dangerous and is not recommended. While it is not necessary to travel to Moon Beach in a caravan, we do advise leaving no later than 3 PM to allow for plenty of daylight driving time. If you need a ride, let me or Dave know.

Hope to see you at Moon Beach,
Your humble Prez, Pat


3 Responses to “Moon Beach MTB”

  1. 1 rami September 18, 2009 at 11:01 pm

    I came across your blog as I was researching a cycling route to fayoum… your moon beach trip looks quite interesting. I was wondering if you can tell me more about that valley and if possible any GPS tracks/waypoints.

  2. 3 Omar EL Naggar January 11, 2011 at 3:51 pm

    Dear All,

    Can we have directions to this nice ride? Myself and a bunch of friends are training for the Tour d’Africque Race which will start from the Pyramids in Cairo Sat. Jan. 15th, 2011 to Capetown but we are only doing the section of Kenya to Tanzania in March 2011. So your help in giving details about this Wadi would be appreciated very much.

    Thank you,
    Omar EL Naggar
    Mobile Phone 0101050545

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