The Gran Fondo Campagnolo, Italy

The Gran Fondo Campagnolo continues to live up to its hype as portrayed by JP. This year CCC fielded a team of eight riders with six different nationalities. The race day weather was near perfect; sunny and in the mid to high 20s in the valleys and comfortably cool on the passes. While many of the Italians were suffering from the “heat”, those of us who train in Cairo were more than ready for those conditions. I am happy to say that all eight of the CCC entries finished the race. Three (JP, Tim and Dave) completed the long course (214 km), three (Pat, Michael C. and Hisham) finished the medium course (112 km), one (Andrew) did the short course (98 km), and one (Michael R.) pioneered his own course of about 135 km (must be something in the food in Denmark).


Showing loyalty with CCC jerseys on

This is truly a spectacular event and well worth the trip from Cairo (or wherever you might be). If you can squeeze in a few more days before the race, there are unlimited cycling and gastronomic opportunities in the area. It is a great way to combine a vacation with cycling and gastronomy.


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