Delta Ride

Another beautiful ride through the Nile delta region. This year the highlights included the groups of young Egyptian boys who congregated at the stops where we waited to regroup. As the pictures attest, there was intense interest in these unusually dressed strangers riding flashy bicycles through their villages. Unfortunately we did have two riders (Michael and Aaron) take a spill when going through a stretch of road covered with mud and who knows what else. Fortunately no one was hurt. The only casualty was a few scratches on Michael’s brand new bike on its maiden voyage. The ride was followed by the usual feed at the Hard Rock Cafe on the Nile where we refueled and began the inevitable process on embellishing the stories of the ride.

The Nile Delta ride is an approximately 100 km ride through the delta agricultural region north of Cairo. The ride is green and flat with the biggest climb being a bridge over one of the branches of the Nile. Traffic is typically very light, and this year since it is Ramadan there should be even less traffic. The ride goes through several small villages and one moderate sized town. After the ride for those who are interested, there is lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe at the Grand Hyatt.

Since the ride starts on the far north side of Cairo, we need to congregate at the front gate of CAC to load bikes and organize a caravan. In order to get back to Maadi at a reasonable time, we should have the bikes loaded and be ready to leave CAC by 6:30AM. We will provide a pickup from Apache to transport bikes to the starting area for those who are not going to drive. Contact Pat to let him know if you are going and whether or not you are going to drive or need a ride.


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